Ease of eTicketing Essentials via CONNEX Platform Fosters Much Excitement for NEBCO

COVID-19 is Causing Other Industries to Slow Down, but Construction is Ramping Up

AGC’s online survey conducted between March 17 and March 19 demonstrates the fact that construction projects are trucking along, for the most part, as planned.

When asked if any owner, government agency or official directed a halt or delay on any projects that are either active or expected to start within the next 30 days, 72% of the 909 respondents answered “no.” When asked if any owner, public agency, or official directed a halt or delay on any projects expecting to start more than 30 days from now, 89% of the 901 respondents answered “no.”

“Construction hasn't slowed down at all here. Our companies are scheduling deliveries out three and four days ahead. Our operations are essential, and to comply with state and federal regulations, we need a way to keep them rolling while also practicing social distancing.”

- Tamee Waddell, Business Analyst Manager at NEBCO

With So Much Uncertainty During These Times, One Thing is Certain: We’ll Be by Your Side, Guiding You Through This Challenge

As part of Command Alkon’s commitment to ensuring our valued customers stay safe and healthy during this time, we are offering eTicketing Essentials via our CONNEX Platform for free through 2020 if you sign up by June 30th.

The onboarding process is simple; materials suppliers with existing Command Alkon ticketing and dispatch systems install a CONNEX connector behind the scenes, with minimal to no disruption to existing work flows.

NEBCO was one of our first customers to onboard with free eTicket Essentials via our CONNEX Platform. Three days later, they reached out to one of their customers on March 27 to get on board, too. They were fully prepared for a grueling process, but to their surprise, they have gotten 20 customers on board in just a week.

“We were amazed at how quickly we had customers on board.  Within a day we had five customers on, and the process was painless!”

- Linda Coleman, Business Analyst at NEBCO

NEBCO expedited the process by giving Command Alkon access to their database, allowing the onboarding process to be as seamless as possible. To keep construction jobs moving while complying with federal and state agencies during COVID-19, we’re enabling customers to invite their partners to participate in free eTicket data and ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) as well.

Material suppliers can allow their buyers to connect, share ticket data, and digitally collaborate on projects. Inversely, buyers can connect and request their suppliers to share their ticket data. As more companies join, it creates a network effect – where more entities on the network means more value for each user. As more and more companies jump on board to either provide and/or receive material ticket data via the cloud, safety and health on the job, at the plant, or in the quarry can be secured during this unprecedented time.

The results so far? NEBCO’s customers love it! The ability to keep projects moving safely, mixed with the ease of onboarding, provides peace of mind to individual employees and their families, and their company as a whole.

We understand that it’s going to take some time for the transference of information to be completely digitized, as some businesses still require copies of each ticket to match with their invoices. To comply with this, we are working on adding PDF copies of the ticket to the Platform.

NEBCO’s ready mix plants are currently operating with electronic tickets integrated into their COMMANDseries systems, and they are now working on implementing eTicketing into their aggregate operations through integration with their Apex systems as well.

When asked to sum up her experience in one word, Linda chose “exciting.”

This has been so exciting and easy. Every customer that I’ve spoken with so far loves it.

– Linda Coleman

We’re Prepared to Navigate Through the COVID-19 Situation with Your Peace of Mind as Priority 

The world is full of “what-ifs” right now, but we feel we will come out of this even stronger than before, together. Building the foundations of an amazing future post COVID-19 is on us – all of us. Let’s work hand in hand to enhance our communities, while ensuring the safety of our employees, trusted partners, and valued customers.

To get started with eTicketing Essentials, visit www.commandalkon.com/eticketforfree. There, you will find more resources to get yourself, your stakeholders, and your trading partners "in the know" on this offer.

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