Current DOT e-Construction Successes

Electronic construction or e-Construction is the removal of paper-based documents from construction processes so that all documentation is digitally based. Every construction project requires a significant amount of documentation. By removing paperwork and digitizing documents, everyone in your supply chain can access the same information, ensuring everyone is on the same page and has the right version of documentation.

e-Construction saves admin time, speeds approvals, increases accuracy and improves communication. Many State Department of Transportations (DOTs) are requiring firms to use e-Construction solutions. One Command Alkon partner, Infotech, provides e-solutions to the infrastructure construction industry, in specific to DOTs.  

Thirty-nine DOTs are using e-Construction tools for daily work reports, change orders, materials orders, quotes, audits, electronic bidding and more. Some DOTs are using electronic contract management and electronic signatures. Forty-two DOTs are involved with the AASHTOWare Project which commissions enterprise-level systems at the DOT level, helping to fund projects, including civil rights, labor rights, analytics, etc.

Per the AASHTOWare website, “​The AASHTOWare Project enables you to manage information throughout the entire contract and construction cycle–from cost estimation to proposal preparation, letting bids, construction and material management and data collection.

AASHTOWare Project allows you to create a consistent, integrated view of the contract process during each phase, thanks to numerous modules that meet your preconstruction and construction needs. Plus, there’s a module for managing labor and civil rights issues.”

The Iowa DOT is currently piloting digital workflows for heavy materials on a project, enabled by the collaboration partnership between Command Alkon and Infotech. The Iowa DOT is piloting an e-ticketing project on the I-74 bridge, a $330M project, one of the largest bridge infrastructure projects. The bridge crosses the Mississippi River to connect Iowa with Illinois.

The Iowa DOT has implemented an e-ticketing solution from Command Alkon to process the 9000 tickets generated per year. The goal of the project is to remove paper tickets, reduce duplication and limit paperwork. Command Alkon’s CONNEX lets everyone involved in the project see the concrete batch weight, test data and other information on the pour. CONNEX streamlines data, allowing anyone to see all the batch tickets electronically, getting rid of duplication of work and saving hours of an inspector’s time.

The transparency of the application allows everyone involved to see the data, including concrete engineers who can help if an issue arises. Because of e-ticketing, you can’t lose tickets and you remove piles of paper. Work is more factual and more professional and productivity is increased. Data can be leveraged to make faster, more informed decisions.

As DOTs and the FHWA continue to embrace e-Construction initiatives that promote efficiency through technology and partnering, more and more contractors, suppliers, producers, and haulers will use these solutions to deliver value across their work.

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