Control Moisture Content of Every Batch

One of the major causes of inconsistency in batching concrete is the varying moisture content of the sand and aggregates from one batch to another. Good storage of the sand and aggregates can help, but even for materials stored in covered silos the moisture will constantly be changing.

Moisture content in stored sand and aggregates can have dramatic effects on the water/cement ratio, the aggregate/cement ratio, yield, and the color of the mix. Many ready mix producers can understand the inconvenience and anguish of having loads rejected, and access water in the mix is one way to waste materials and take a bite out of the bottom line.

Why continue to struggle with loads that are not produced at the desired slump, increasing your costs and potentially damaging your reputation and customer satisfaction?  With the Precision Water System you are on your way to more consistent loads, better yield management, lower costs, and more satisfied customers.

The Precision Water System is a fully integrated moisture management system that simplifies and automates the management of moisture compensation for fine and coarse aggregates.

The Precision Water System gives you the ability to calibrate and simultaneously measure up to 12 probes.  The system allows you to capture sample moisture readings with the click of a button, provides an easy and accurate calibration process, and supports multiple bin-material-probe combinations.

With the Precision Water System, you will reduce or eliminate time-consuming, costly, and manual processes involved in sampling and calibrating probes or adjusting water content. 

General Features:

  • Calibrated readings of up to 12 moisture probes on a variety of materials up to 1” coarse aggregates.
  • Distinct calibration stored for each probe-bin-materialcombination.
  • Unlimited moisture sample and bake-out pairs stored for each probe-bin-material combination.
  • PWS Dashboard to review value of each moisture probe in a variety of perspectives.
  • “Lock and Load” sample mode for automatic capture of probe readings for the next bake-out.
  • Automatic and manual modes.
  • Default calibrations for a range of materials that allow for immediate use of the system until bake-outs and final calibration occurs.
  • Calibration of replacement probes with one bake-out..
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