CONNEX – Combating Decades-Old Productivity Challenges Across the Industry

As members of the Construction industry, we are all feeling the weight of the challenges being thrown at us.

How can we deal with the increasing demand to construct, operate and maintain assets faster, at lower cost and risk, and to a higher quality? We’ve been so comfortable and set in our ways over the past few decades, but non-integrated business systems and processes (that are still used by majority of companies today) are simply not good enough any longer – not if your goal is to be a competitive company going forward.

Even with technology systems in place, your own success isn’t necessarily dependent on you. You must be efficient internally, as well as externally. The best way to accomplish this is to work more efficiently with trading partners. How can Command Alkon help enable this?

CONNEX – The Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction’s Heavy Work, helps to do this.


  • Enables partners to collaborate with one another to accomplish more
  • Is a many-to-many platform that provides connectivity to empower data
  • Delivers insight and analytics that help to manage by exception
  • Provides actionable intelligence to enhance business decisions

In this time of innovation and disruption, it can seem difficult to keep up. CONNEX helps to unlock new dimensions of value and growth. What pieces of the Platform make this possible? Click here to find out.

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