CONNEX – Making Companies Smarter, Better, Faster, and More Efficient

Command Alkon is definitely changing the world by changing the construction industry and bringing it into the 21st century with innovative technology that automates processes, boosts productivity, assists in saving on carbon emissions, track assets for more savings, and improves communication and collaboration.

Command Alkon's CONNEX is The Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction’s Heavy Work. CONNEX allows businesses within the heavy construction industry to harness problem-solving energies and gain insights into every aspect of their supply chain. The platform allows companies to simplify data and analytics across their trading partners, and streamline operations for greater efficiency and productivity, which helps to deliver value to customers.

Command Alkon’s CONNEX platform links trading partners, including contractors, suppliers, producers, and haulers, to conduct business with each other and automate processes. Transactions are executed and information collected to deliver insights with a speed and accuracy that fuels success on the heavy job site.

With CONNEX, companies can be smarter.

Digital technologies can help construction firms improve productivity and open up communication lines. CONNEX allows disparate systems to talk to one another. Each constituent in the construction supply chain has access to the exact same information, enabling greater traceability of products across multiple partners, locations, and facilities. By having a single version of the truth, each company on the CONNEX platform can see if bottlenecks occur in the supply chain and can determine the best way to overcome it.

With CONNEX, companies can be better.

Data sharing is highly valuable when there are multiple entities in a supply chain (like in the construction world). Data can be collected from sensors, temperature gauges, digital transactions, and more. The CONNEX platform helps suppliers, haulers, producers and contractors to easily share information, such as project plans, project changes, inventory levels, material orders, time schedules and more. No need to use paper! CONNEX transforms the way businesses work, turning data into action.

With CONNEX, companies can be faster.

Customers can create orders on their mobile devices, phones and computers. This flows through to the sales department, where the order is approved. CONNEX integrates Command Alkon’s Apex system with HaulHub so that orders flow directly into the material orders solution, eliminating the need for the salesperson to have to re-enter the order once they go back to the office. CONNEX streamlines processes to decrease administrative tasks.

With CONNEX, companies can be more efficient.

The construction industry is so far behind in adopting digital technologies, that productivity is stuck. Paper-based processes create inefficiencies that pile onto each other, making productivity worse throughout the whole job site. The lack of connected information within the construction industry means everyone is not privy to important project decisions, which can involve schedules, materials, labor, and more. With CONNEX, everyone involved in a project has access to the same information, making decision making faster, creating greater efficiencies throughout the organization.

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