Communication Positively Impacts Your Dispatch Operations

Easily Communicate Start Times, Locations, and Truck Assignments to Your Employees

ScheduleCom is a voice and internet based schedule publishing and retrieval system designed to accelerate the process of communicating schedule information to employees of dynamic work environments, such as Trucking and Ready Mix operations.

Using a web browser, your dispatch personnel can quickly compose and publish a schedule of employees, locations, vehicles, and start times. Once the schedule is published, employees can call into the system from any phone or login from a web browser to retrieve their schedule. ScheduleCom is proven to deliver productivity, cost savings, security, and better reporting to your business.

Increase productivity by saving considerable dispatcher and employee time:

  •  Schedulers do not have to record a lengthy voice message naming each employee, location, vehicle, and start time. This information is assembled onscreen and published electronically.
  • Schedule Defaults speed the creation of new schedules. Employee’s vehicle assignment, location, and start times are defaulted to a stored configuration. The new schedule can then be edited, refined, and published.
  • Employees do not have to listen through all other employee’s messages to get to their own. After logging in to the system, employees hear only their own vehicle assignment, starting location, and start time.
  • The system supports multiple phone ports, reducing busy signals during peak access periods and speeding dissemination of the schedule data.
  • Call-in message support allows your employees to leave a recorded message regarding inability to work, etc.
  • ScheduleCom supports automated messages and questions/answers to employees; send to all employees, groups, or individuals.

Save money by reducing mistakes, re-work, and related expenses:

  • Missed loads/work and driver labor costs are reduced by virtually eliminating schedule miscommunication, impropriety, and vehicle/employee outage impacts.
  • Recording equipment, answering machines, voice mail systems, or stand-by scheduling personnel are eliminated.
  • Web Browser interface allows ScheduleCom to be accessed from anywhere within your organization.

Enhance security by ensuring critical information is kept private:

  • Employees must log in with User ID and Password, preventing unauthorized access to the system.
  • Employees hear only their schedule, not those of their co-workers, eliminating potential labor issues, personal security problems, and related expenses.

Improve reporting and accountability by providing management with valuable information:

  • All schedule history is maintained for reporting and research. Review a published schedule from any prior date.
  • All employee access to schedule data is logged, confirming employee log-in and schedule playback.
  • Comprehensive Reporting includes: Schedule Listings; Employee and Vehicle
  • Outage Listings; Schedule Access Reporting and much more.
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