Command Alkon's Top Performing Content in 2018 - You Won't Believe Number 7!

It’s been quite a year for content at Command Alkon–several insightful discoveries, news stories, and hot discussion topics that can provide a wealth of value for you and your business–because that’s why we’re here, right? For you! We want to equip you with all of the knowledge you could ever need (and much more) in a fun and engaging way. After all, when you read a long, mundane, jargon-filled piece of content, what real value do you receive? The answer is none.  If content isn’t helpful and downright boring, it has the potential to send consumers running (or sleep-walking) in the opposite direction.

Without further ado, here are the resources that we released in 2018 that you found most compelling and engaging.

Top 10 Blog Posts:

  1. Introducing the Future of the Heavy Building Materials Digital Supply Chain
  2. If It’s Not Broken, Why Fix It? – Realizing the Room for Improvement in Bulk Material Operations
  3. Construction is Lagging in Digitization – Let’s Get Unstuck
  4. Short-Haul Logistics Solutions Customized for You and Your Needs
  5. Leading the Industry Through Optimized Operations and Excellent Customer Service
  6. Command Alkon and the Concrete Industry Management Program Join Forces to Combat the Skilled Labor Shortage
  7. Women Building Amazing: Ana Carolina
  8. Risky Business? Risk Mitigation for Supply Chain
  9. Transforming the Construction Materials Supply Chain
  10. Command Alkon Addresses Credits & Re-bills Issue in Building Materials Industry with Automated Tools

Top 5 Videos:

  1. Digital Transformation in the HBM Industry [Command Alkon featured on Talking Logistics]
  2. Dynamic Thought Leader, Seth Mattison’s “The Future of Leadership” Kicks the Conference off with a Bang [ELEVATE 2018]
  3. COMMANDassurance Explained 
  4. BuildFAQ: TrackIt Turn-Key
  5. Think You Know Command Alkon?

At Command Alkon, we strive to create content that is easily digestible and that won’t bore our audience to death. Let us know how we’re doing! Please complete this survey to express your ideas, concerns, or appreciation.

We're looking forward to another great, content-filled year!

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