Command Alkon University Offers a Concrete Industry Overview Course That Employees Should Take Advantage Of

Concrete Industry Overview Course Offers Education on the Fundamentals of the Concrete Industry

Command Alkon University is a new initiative to improve skills and promote further training in the Heavy Building Materials industry so that CA employees can provide customers with A+ experiences. There are several training programs and courses that can be taken, including CAI50 Concrete Industry Overview. This course provides a basic understanding of the Concrete industry.

Being in Marketing, I write about this industry on a day to day basis. I have a working knowledge of the industry, but I wanted to build on what I already know and gain new insights that I haven't previously been exposed to. I signed up for the course and it definitely surpassed my expectations.

Industry expert, Jamie Wiley, did a wonderful job leading the round table discussion. He laid out the basics of concrete; including material make-up, delivery, placement, sampling, testing, curing, and best practices.

After the round table discussion, we visited Ready Mix USA. I have never been to a ready-mix plant, so it was a very exciting experience. One of the highlights of the site visit for me was to see some of our products, such as COMMANDbatch, in action.

We visited the testing lab where concrete quality testing is done to discover more features and uses of special kinds of concrete. Here, we learned more about slump tests, water absorption tests, and compressive strength tests. I’ve read about QC testing, and it was neat to see it in person and make those connections.

The coolest part of the site visit was seeing the dispatch system. During our round table discussion, Jamie elaborated on the importance of the dispatcher. If he doesn’t do his job, the entire organization can’t operate. It blows my mind how much planning is put in place to ensure all operations are running smoothly.

When I first started working at Command Alkon in December, I worked with Dave Donaldson to write a guest commentary on Optimization for an online supply chain and logistics blog (if interested, you can read that here). Through the process, I learned all about the many factors that go in to scheduling routes for the day.

Seeing Ready Mix USA’s dispatch for the day on the screen made me appreciate the dispatcher and all the complexities that he has to work with (especially if COMMANDoptimize isn’t implemented in their dispatch operations).

For any Command Alkoner who has yet to take this course, I strongly recommend taking it! I feel like I have a better understanding of the Concrete industry. Not to mention, I had a blast! We had a group of 20 take the course and many different departments were represented, from QC to Accounting. It was a great opportunity to meet new colleagues that you don’t get to see every day. There will be another course in May, so be sure to sign up! For more information, email Aaron Humpherys at


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