Collaborative Networks & Data Analysis

A recent Dodge Data & Analytics research report focuses on five types of project data that is valuable for the analysis of a building project:

  • Project progress
  • Man hours
  • Productivity
  • Safety
  • Equipment management

Let’s look at this data in more detail. Data can be gathered from out in the field via remote sensors, cameras, smart IoT devices or from other computer systems. Some contractors have deployed drones within the jobsite to capture any site-related issues and to measure project progress. Project team members will benefit from sharing this data with other departments, suppliers, haulers and anyone else involved. By utilizing a collaborative network to collect and exchange this information, project teams gain visibility into others’ supply chain operations for greater efficiencies, improvements and value.

Project Progress: Most contractors document RFIs, Change Orders, equipment maintenance, supplies delivery and the like. Data that portrays how the project is going, whether on time and/or on budget, will keep everyone on the same page if it is shared among partners over a collaborative network. When a change order occurs, the information can be broadcast through the network alerting everyone how this will change the project schedule and what they need to do to comply with the change.

Man Hours: Labor hours need to be collected, obviously, so that workers can be paid accurately. But you can also analyze the information and gain insight into potential labor-saving activities. Were there too many men idle on the job site? Were there too few men available to complete an activity? Using time and project management solutions can help you better schedule for needed labor without having too much or too little available workers to complete a job.

Productivity: Productivity increases with automation of business processes. Instead of workers having to fill out paperwork or use spreadsheets, they can instead log information into software for bids/quotes, man hours, inventory orders/deliveries, and more. In fact, the Dodge Data Analytics report cites the use of paper forms to collect data at zero percentage by 2021. The more automated a project is, the higher the productivity is, as workers spend less time in the office and more time out in the field completing their work.

Safety: Every project manager has to complete safety reports when a worker is injured. Many solutions exist for managing safety and inspection documentation. By using a collaborative network, safety documents can be shared among business partners. Recalls of equipment, raw material data sheets, safety plans, etc. can all be digitized and easily shared. If, for example, materials arrive at the jobsite that have a known flaw, you will know that the materials are coming and can stop the delivery at the gate, avoiding the risk of using defective materials in your construction.

Equipment Management: Construction equipment is expensive and must be maintained routinely. By proactively managing regular maintenance of your equipment, your equipment will continue to run smoothly. Sensors mounted on the equipment can send you information to predict when a failure is likely to occur so that you will be prepared when it happens.

Having the ability to do trend analysis across projects can help project managers better understand what went wrong or what went right. The data can be used to make more effective decisions quicker. By having more data and deeper analysis, project owners are better able to complete their projects on-time and at or under budget, with greater productivity and profitability for all parties involved.

Command Alkon automates business processes to remove paper, connect project team players and increase productivity for construction’s heavy work with CONNEX.

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