Change Can Be Good; Break Away from Your Outdated Sales Practices

The Only Constant in Life Is Change

Change: it’s not uncommon for the mere mention of this word to cause anxiety to skyrocket in most people. There are times when I often find myself resisting change because of the risks associated with it – and the fear that comes from the unknown. Nevertheless, there comes an inevitable point where the over-contemplation stage must transition to the preparation and action stages. If the advantages of change outweigh the risks, you should step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Oftentimes, you find that the one thing you once doubted has turned into a reality, and one that you can no longer live without.

Toss Out Old Practices to Standardize Sales Across the Team

Mixing things up in the work place often causes people to go into panic mode. Uncertainty registers as an error, gap, or tension in the brain: something that must be corrected before one can feel comfortable again.

For example, many sales people in the Heavy Building Materials industry love their current manual or isolated sales processes because they’re easy, they are familiar with these processes, and they have very few constraints. However, the rest of the organization often suffers from the headaches resulting from the lack of visibility associated with these processes. This ultimately negatively impacts your organization’s operational stability and growth plans. Having an easily accessible tool that can house information electronically in one place makes it much easier for the entire organization to view order information and access historical data.

Companies who transition to mobile sales solutions see several immediate benefits, including a streamlined sales process and a shorter sales cycle. They provide sales teams with easy access to sales materials, CRM data and workflow management tools. Mobile sales technology can also analyze your sales team’s efforts and results. Equipped with real-time analytics, mobile sales solutions can help companies identify important data patterns and analyze sales performance. Companies can also use the data gathered to provide better cross-selling recommendations for their clients.

A Flexible Solution

It’s very normal to resist modifications in everyday workflows; however, the transition can be much easier if the implementation process is comfortable. That’s definitely an advantage of incorporating a mobile sales solution–it can be easily integrated with many systems that your organization currently uses for payroll, accounting, and supply chain management.

Implementing mobile sales solutions, like MOBILEsales from Command Alkon, can improve productivity, allow for better sales planning, and oftentimes increase sales and revenue. Companies who have implemented mobile sales solutions are better able to reach sales quotas as a team, retain more customers, improve the accuracy of sales forecasts, and achieve a higher number of individual sales representatives reaching sales quotas. Mobile sales solutions can also improve the efficiency of a company by enabling sales teams to work from anywhere at any time.  

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