Capturing Data from Third-Party Haulers Isn't So Scary When You Have a Solid Tech Stack

Where’s my truck? Where’s my shipment?

Historically, answering those questions have been a challenge.

Over the last few years, the Construction industry has been trying to move up the digital transformation maturity curve. There’s a lot of demand for having real-time visibility into truck and order location statuses. Expectations for visibility and transparency are changing now that we live in and “Amazon world.” You can order a product and have it delivered to your door within 2 days, all while receiving status updates of your product along the way. If you can enjoy this luxury in your personal life, why would you not expect it at work as well?

This is something that the Construction industry is realizing, and the ready mix sector of the industry is actually farther along on this transformation curve. A lot of ready mix companies have been investing in providing more visibility to their customers for years because they generally own their own fleet. It’s easy to tell your employees what expectations you have for their operational processes.

However, the bulk construction industry is a little bit more complex. While some companies do own some of their own trucks, a lot of the deliveries that they need to make are contracted through third party haulers. Dealing with other logistics companies isn’t something that the industry has invested in in the past, and trying to achieve uniform visibility from so many different haulers is a big challenge.

What advancements are being made that help companies overcome these challenges? Let’s start with the smart phone…it’s in everyone’s pockets, including truck drivers because that’s either how they’re running their lives, or how they choose to run their business. With a smart phone, short haul bulk construction drivers can affectively work with virtually any company that contracts them out. The next step is to provide them with something that is easy to use and gets them paid so that they will be willing to work with your company again.

In this Talking Logistics webinar segment, Adrian Gonzalez discusses with Matt Brinker, Product Manager at Command Alkon, about capturing data from their third-party bulk haulers. Why is having all your data in one place so important and what are some ways to achieve this?:


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