Big Data Analytics Deliver Insights Enabling Producers to Get Their Mix Right From the Start


Big Data Analytics Delivers Insights in to Material Science

Real-time data on a load’s properties reduces time spent in the yard making load adjustments, testing the load, and washing out and dumping drum contents... 

Trucks can get back on the road faster for optimized utilization. Having a load with the right properties assures quality and job specifications are met.

Truck cabs with tablets can display the slump value transmitted from the COMMANDassurance probe. Upon arrival, orders can be proven that what was ordered is what has been delivered with appropriate documentation.

With COMMANDassurance, a stainless steel probe goes into the drum of the truck and integrates the data collected into other Command Alkon systems from batch, to dispatch, to quality assurance.

This is a key differentiator of COMMANDassurance. Its end-to-end integration with software and related technology allows typical properties of the concrete mix to be analyzed and communicated for future orders so producers will get orders right quicker. Visibility also allows for continuous improvement where the collected data brings meaningful information to the enterprise as a whole.

“COMMANDassurance helps us to up our game, makes us more informed and educated, and works as a market differentiator for us.”
- Brad Burke, Technical Services and Marketing Manager, Permian Basin Materials
Want to up your game? Schedule a chat with us to talk about the value you will find from the ability to optimize your future orders with COMMANDassurance.
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