Avoid the Brouhaha of Chaotic Information Storage and Dramatically Improve Business Processes

Unstructured information can cause a kerfuffle; Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs and scanned images disbursed throughout your business interferes with your productivity. Organizing unstructured information according to business needs empowers organizations to work more efficiently. Removing dependence on paper and streamlining business processes helps to drive better customer service, increase productivity, and reduce organizational risk.

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Content Management System:

1. Capture Documents Digitally

Managing an organization’s content begins with the capture and importing of information into a secure digital repository. This can be any kind of document that is created, captured, stored, shared, or archived. Traditional methods of capturing documents require a great deal of effort and expense. Capturing documents in a digital repository eliminates many of the obstacles created by paper: labor-intensive duplication, slow distribution, misplaced originals, and the inconvenience of retrieving files from offsite storage.

2. Keep Historical Record of Documents

The benefits of enterprise content management go beyond simply keeping track of where documents are located. A content management system also reduces the time, cost, and complexity associated with managing documents throughout their life cycle, helping to ensure compliance with organizational record retention policies.

3. Retrieve Documents Without the Hassle

Enterprise content management software helps eliminate time spent searching for information, enabling employees to answer information requests immediately. Employees have instant access to the information required to make better decisions about issues impacting your organization’s bottom line.

OnBase, from Command Alkon’s long-time partner Hyland Software, is perfect for high-volume, high-value transactional processes. You can capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver all your documents without having to toggle between applications.

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