Texas Is Recognized As The Most Digitized Building Materials Industry

May 8, 2019 Karli Langner

Technological innovations have seeped into many different industries over the decades, and construction is finally reaping some of the benefits of adapting to these new advances. Technology is making construction safer and more efficient, and Texas has really grasped the positive contributions that new tech brings to their businesses and their community as a whole.

A recent report has ranked Texas as the #1 Most Digitized Building Material Industry. Texas has always been a pioneer of the technology revolution because it houses many of the largest and more innovative companies on the planet. The attraction to live and work in Texas keeps growing which means a greater need to technically revolutionize the building materials industry to meet demand.

Ready Mix, aggregates, and paving companies in the state of Texas have figured out ways to track, analyze, and drive decisions using innovative digital technologies. Digitization and automation render opportunities to capture millions of dollars in savings and optimizes the heavy materials supply chain.

Command Alkon’s BuildIt solution digitally connects all participants in the heavy materials supply chain. When it comes to paperless collaboration for critical path materials like concrete and aggregates, Command Alkon is the undisputed leader with over 16 Million material tickets made paperless and nearly $100M in contractor cost savings realized in a very short period of time. BuildIt has driven substantial results and significantly impacted the productivity on several heavy construction jobs, including the Dallas – Fort Worth Connector.

Permian Basin Materials (PBM) is a leader in Texas’ “Innovation in Digitization.” PBM uses Command Alkon’s COMMANDassurance to capture real-time and historical information on the fresh concrete via a probe in the drum of the truck. The sensor data collected from this probe ensures that the ready mix concrete meets specifications at the right time, so that the mixture can leave the plant sooner. The company has been able to save money in their operations, too. Typically, ready mix trucks cost $1.37/minute to run. With COMMANDassurance, they will be able to save 10 more minutes in their delivery cycle. With a fleet of 120 trucks, this adds up to significant time and cost savings.

By embracing secure, cloud-based software innovations and powerful data, you are empowering your business to make better business decisions through improved efficiencies and insights.

Check out this whitepaper highlighting the benefits that BuildIt delivered for the DFW Connector project.

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