Be Nice To Your Dispatchers

July 12, 2019 Karli Langner

If you haven’t hugged a Ready Mix Concrete dispatcher today, be sure to go give them some love.

The dispatch office is the heart of every Ready Mix Producer, whether they receive this recognition or not. Their job is fast-paced, involves long hours, and several phone calls throughout the entire day.

The dispatcher is always caught in the middle of trying to make on-time deliveries and maintaining high levels of production. Figuring out complex scheduling, working long hours, dealing with demanding clients – it’s a tough job, guys. Not just anybody can do it. Qualities of a good dispatcher include someone who is:

  • A good multi-tasker
  • Dependable, even in stressful situations
  • Able to prioritize tasks in order of importance
  • Responsible enough to ensure jobs are completed
  • Able to treat all clients and customers with the same respect and professionalism

Each call that comes into the dispatch office generates orders that can either make or break a dispatcher’s schedule. While on the phone with customers, the dispatcher has only one or two minutes to get all of the order information. He has to assign the job to a driver and make the decision if the order can even be delivered when the customer wants it, and if not, when it can be delivered. When problems arise and jobs have to be changed, it adds even more stress to the dispatcher’s day.

Dispatchers no longer have to feel the pain of bottlenecks in their planning. To help them become more confident in committing to orders and managing changing requirements, Integra, Command Alkon’s complete Ready Mix Concrete dispatch solution, delivers real-time visibility to plan proactively and make adjustments with ease. Dispatchers can feel comfortable about their jobs, and customer service is not compromised. But that is only one piece of the pie. Integra also has the power to:

  • Visually track your fleet throughout the delivery cycle by providing a complete view of deliveries in route to make more timely decisions                       
  • Have accurate data flow from sales through to billing by integrating your processes and data from quote to cash      
  • Save time and improve profits by improving utilization of trucks, drivers, and variable costs

Integra can help smaller Ready Mix operations realize fast improvements in dispatch operations and customer service. Schedule a 15-minute call with us to learn more!

Hungry for more information? Check out all things Integra HERE.

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