Be in the Know While on the Go

July 12, 2018 Karli Langner

The "cloud" is a real buzzword, but what exactly does it mean?

Cloud computing is a generalized term for anything that involves delivering hosted products and or services via the Internet. Command Alkon offers products that are considered a SaaS  (Software-as-a-Service).  Cloud computing is different than traditional hosting, because the equipment required to offer the service are not “hosted” or “owned” by the individual organizations who utilize the service.  The vendor of the SaaS is responsible for the deployment, support, and on-going maintenance of the services they provide to their customers. 

MOBILEcommerce is a cloud based product that leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS). With AWS, Command Alkon can deliver a full-feature product in a highly durable, and easily accessible, real-time web experience. 

Secured Web Services developed by Command Alkon connect MOBILEcommerce in the cloud to your enterprise dispatch system. Your customers can easily interact with project, order, and ticket information.

MOBILEcommerce extends the value of your existing COMMANDseries, Integra, and Apex enterprise applications by providing consumers real-time access to production data through the web.  Project, order, ticket, and truck status information can be accessed by the user via desktop web browsers and mobile devices, so you can be in the know while on the go!

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