Automating Processes, Eliminating Silos, Digitally Connecting Partners

March 19, 2019 Karli Langner

Technological advances are automating many functions that previously required human intervention. When mundane operations can be automated, it frees up time for employees to work on more valuable tasks rather than daily maintenance of exceptions. Automating data capture is an efficient and valid way to create a path to improvement.

According to Construction Dive:

  • 23 percent of the work day is spent on manually entering data into different systems.
  • Small businesses automating their processes are almost twice as likely to grow their business.
  • 26 percent of small businesses say they have more than one IT person to help train and implement automated processes.
  • 62 percent of small businesses say training would help them adopt automated technology faster.

The ongoing labor shortage puts our industry in a unique position. Automation can't replace the manual labor still needed to meet demand, but it can alleviate some of the impact that the industry is feeling from not having enough skilled workers to complete jobs.

The industry needs dual investment in both labor and automation to boost productivity, save money, and keep up projects on time and under budget. When not having to focus on manual tasks, such as keying data on paper tickets, focus can be placed in other areas of the operation that need it most.

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to plan ahead and stay on top of the game, not just make it by. Doing more with the personnel that you have available is a great place to start. 

With CONNEX Jobsite, ticket data flows seamlessly from suppliers to contractors and owners. You aren't buried in paper; you aren't taking weeks to reconcile invoices. Information is automatically available on a minute-by-minute basis. Think about it...if you're able to free up one or two pairs of hands from digging through piles of paper, what other areas of your business can use those hands to be more productive?

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