All Communication is Not Positive

May 15, 2019 Karli Langner

Point-to-point communications is an established direct connection between two nodes. The telephone is a typical point-to-point connection where one caller connects to the other caller and only the two callers can hear what is said. Point-to-point communications can also be configured with one system connected to another passing messages back and forth. Sharing of information from point-to-point in your business processes can actually add inaccuracies.

More often than not, companies use multiple systems within their organization to conduct business. These systems must be integrated with other department systems, along with the systems of customers, suppliers, and partners. With integrated systems, your business will have a single repository of information that can be shared with others in or outside of the business as needed.

One single source of information drives value throughout the organization as everyone will be using the latest, most accurate information. When billing customers, you will have the correct contact information and the latest invoice with accurate data, eliminating the need to have to reconcile any information.

The lack of discipline and structured processes during the sales process, such as building a quote, creates problems that can snowball their way through to dispatch, delivery and even invoicing. This can hinder site efficiency as well as billing and payment processing. Having the ability to share the same information from a central repository improves invoice accuracy, decreases the need to perform credits and rebills, improves productivity and increases efficiency.

The ability to integrate systems helps businesses respond quicker to what is going on around them, such as changes in customer demand or a new competitor in the industry or new regulations that they must adhere to. With integrated, connected systems your company will have a holistic view of data from across the enterprise. With this information, executives can make more informed decisions as well as uncover areas in need of improvement.

Not all communication is positive, but you can act on it quicker and more intelligently if your information is shared across your business.

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