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February 24, 2020 Command Alkon

The Amazon Effect is the ongoing disruption that has resulted in certain expectations.

Consumers expect fast deliveries and visibility into how an order is proceeding – from entry into the order management system, to final delivery. 

The construction world runs on strict timelines. These timelines have to be met in order to bring the job in on time and within budget. If bottlenecks in the supply chain delay a delivery from a supplier, the entire schedule can be thrown off. Much like the pain that's felt when an Amazon order doesn't arrive when promised, late materials on a job site creates a ripple effect that affects every single operation and significantly adds to project costs.

To become more like Amazon, you need end-to-end supply chain visibility into what your suppliers, haulers, producers, and logistics partners are doing in real time.

How do you get this? By using technology that connects all businesses involved in the heavy building materials ecosystem. You need Command Alkon’s CONNEX.

Connecting with your suppliers provides visibility into operations, like inventory management, so you know how much of a product you can order from that supplier. You can monitor inbound movement of supplies so that they don’t stack up at the gate and instead can flow easily in and out of the job site.

Due to the Amazon Effect, your customers want shorter cycle times and quicker deliveries. Having a transparent, more efficient supply chain and a better flow of information from connecting with other businesses in your ecosphere is imperative to meet these demands. A system that provides a single view of the supply chain will help enforce timelines.

Having clear visibility into traceability of material properties and orders ensures that products arrive in the best possible quality. 

Heightened visibility throughout your supply chain empowers your business to demand that each of your suppliers can prove compliance by proving safety requirements, quality management, and social responsibility. 

Something that's even more annoying than not having the item delivered when promised, is having an item delivered that's been damaged. That means a trip to the post office or shipping center, then having to wait for its replacement to arrive a few days later. On the job site, damaged goods just mean more disruption and time wasted for a tightly coordinated game plan. 

Being able to track your package from order point to your front door is one of the hallmarks of Amazon’s technology.

Fleet Management solutions can improve customer experiences by providing visibility from dispatch to delivery so that your customers constantly receive information on where their orders are. Afterall, one of the greatest aspects of Amazon is the delivery update and package tracking information that shows where orders are in real time. Command Alkon’s TrackIt is like the Amazon package tracking of heavy work materials.

Want to adopt the Amazon mindset? See how technology solutions from Command Alkon can get you there! Schedule some time to chat with us and learn about how these solutions can take you to the top.

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