Repair Costs Are a Drag; Keep Them in Check with These 4 Tips

July 18, 2019 Karli Langner

Anytime new equipment is purchased, there’s an understanding that it’s going to have to be replaced, or at least repaired as time goes on. It’s inevitable – but don’t freak, because it doesn’t have to break the bank. Need some tips to keep repair costs under control? We’ve got your back.

1. A telematics system – you don’t realize how much you truly NEED it.

A telematics system helps to identify repairs before failure. This system can provide information about fault codes, helping to prevent small issues from becoming a big repair problem. The system can also be used to keep maintenance on schedule, track idle time, and monitor operator performance.

2. Be strict with your maintenance schedule.

Some studies suggest that preventative maintenance can cut repair bills by up to 25%; so, next time you think about skipping out on a routine maintenance check, just don’t.

3. Cut out idle time – your costs will thank you in more than one way!

Excessive idling can cause engine parts to wear more quickly. Cutting idle time not only cuts fuel costs, but helps keep repairs on schedule and costs in line. Again, a telematics system can help you track your idle time as well as your progress towards reducing it.

4. Keep operator skills fresh.

Sometime unnecessary repairs result from misuse of the equipment. Always properly train new employees and encourage experienced operators to refresh their skills as new machines, systems, and technologies are introduced. Operators should conduct a walkaround before they climb into the cab to spot potential problems. Telematics can also help to identify any operator training opportunities.

Equipment repairs may be inevitable but paying too much to address them doesn’t have to be. Follow these proactive steps, commit to a preventive maintenance schedule, use telematics and other technology to identify and avoid potential problems, and you’ll be well on your way to reducing repair costs and downtime.

TrackIt is Command Alkon’s Truck Tracking & Telematics solution to more efficiently track and manage fleet. This solution helps to reduce costs by:

  • Analyzing driver habits to increase fuel economy and improve safety
  • Monitoring vehicle health to improve maintenance and performance
  • Integrating performance data into business systems, making it easy to review, edit, and document

Extend the value of TrackIt to your third-party logistics providers with TrackIt 3P. No additional hardware is needed, just sign in and get to work. For more information, check out our TrackIt 3P stream.

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