Three Advantages of Having a Digitized Documentation System

August 20, 2018 Karli Langner

Over the last few years, several industries have transitioned to digitized documentation. This transition that has helped improve communications, standardized documentation location and availability, and enhanced trust between business partners.

Having a digitized documentation system can reap many benefits. Three advantages your business will find through a system like this include:

Ability to Better Track Job Costs:

Cloud-based connectivity delivers POD (proof of delivery), that can confirm when materials have been delivered in the field via mobile devices and tablets or back in the office. This helps to eliminate the frequency of paying for materials and not having them delivered.

Material costs on a job can make up a large portion of the total construction cost.  You can capture those costs in real time, helping you to truly understand what your operations are truly costing on a day to day basis.

No More Paper Tickets:

An electronic ticket management system automates manual processes and eliminates the dependence on paper tickets that so often are illegible and easily misplaced. Having information in one place – rather than across multiple paper tickers – addresses the challenges with current methods for tracking materials and truck assets.

With digitization, data is more timely and accurate enabling faster, more intelligent business decisions.

Improve Collaboration:

A lack of visibility in your supply chain and limited communication with suppliers can create inefficiency and waste. By collaborating with suppliers, you have the power to limit the number of financial, business, and reputational risks through solutions that improve partnership between you and your supplier.

Contractors, Haulers, and Suppliers digitally connect to an electronic portal allowing all users to complete shipping and receiving transactions with other connected trading partners.  Each electronic transaction assures both parties are viewing the same data providing one version of the truth.

Command Alkon Has the Answer

Could your business benefit from a tool like this? Look no further.

CONNEX Jobsite is a digitized documentation system and supply chain management solution built from the ground up for the construction materials industry.  CONNEX Jobsite's online tools connect contractors with suppliers and haulers to share orders, and automatically track tickets electronically. CONNEX Jobsite helps to optimize planning, production, and payment processes, providing instant material and job cost tracking.

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