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May 13, 2017 Command Alkon

How Graniterock Saved 70% On Submittal Generation Time With COMMANDqc

 When Katha Redmon, Director of Concrete Products, arrived at Graniterock in 2012, she found a successful, family-owned company whose roots dated back to 1900.  A century of success at Graniterock, also meant a century of quick fixes, patched systems, and scattered information. Katha quickly understood that her biggest challenges were to centralize Granitrock’s data, improve its processes, and manage its concrete test data in accordance with ASTM standards.

After speaking with the experts at Command Alkon, Katha recognized that she could get an immediate ROI by installing COMMANDqc at their ready mix sites. “As with most ready mix companies, producing accurate submittals is a vital and time consuming process.  Utilizing COMMANDqc has made the submittal process much more efficient for us company-wide. The fact that all of the submittal information is contained within the COMMANDqc program has allowed us to shorten our submittal generation time by 70%.” She added, “It’s become so easy that sales people generate routine submittals without the help from the QC department.”

Is your company successful, yet bogged down in out-dated processes? Is your QC department feeling overwhelmed in producing the analysis and submittals that have come with your success?  If so, our white paper on how Graniterock met and overcame these challenges, is just what you’re looking for!

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