Save BIG on Project Costs Through Digital Collaboration

April 27, 2020 Karli Langner

A few Command Alkon employees had the privilege of hosting an educational session at CONEXPO in March titled “Digital Collaboration – Creating Value on the Jobsite.”

Alex Moody, Senior Product Manager; Justin Mannina, Business Development Manager; and Kyle Wilberts, Customer Success Manager/Business Consultant, took the podium to discuss how to identify problems on the jobsite and create solutions within your company to resolve them; a few concepts and technologies that can help combat common issues on the job; and the keys to success.

This year’s attendance for CONEXPO was a little bit leaner than past years, which is understandable, given that the show was hosted right before COVID-19 was determined a pandemic. However, despite this, the session was well attended, which tells us that the need to collaborate digitally within the construction supply chain is a topic that’s on the forefront of industry’s players’ brains.

To kick off the session, the trio listed a few statistics that exemplify the struggles that many jobs face:

  • 98% of megaprojects face cost overruns or delays
  • The average cost increase of a construction job is 80% of original value
  • The average slippage is 20 months behind original schedule
  • Productivity levels in manufacturing has nearly doubled, but in construction it has stayed flat

What’s the reason for this?

Two big factors that play into this equation is the timeframe of the project. Most jobs are short-term projects, and managers often feel like there isn’t any time to implement change; and, most employees don’t have the desire to.

Another big reason why is because of the time is takes to track materials and reconcile invoices. Most of the employees who work on a job are out in the field, moving around instead of sitting at a desk. Given that mobile devices have just taken off within the last decade, there hasn’t been as much of a chance to boost productivity levels compared to other industries whose workflows enable them to have information available to them at all times.

So, if a company realizes the opportunity to optimize and boost productivity, they have to go about it in innovative ways; and that innovation has to start from the top and trickle down.

To successfully implement new innovations, managers need to consider these four questions:

  • Is the software you are researching willing to work with a network? (is this the future?)
  • What is the information you desire and what data do you need to capture – how are you going to capture it?
  • Why are you doing this? You must have the mentality of continuous improvements or you are doomed.
  • How do you plan to support it?

Forward-thinking DFW Connector Project CHANGED THE GAME

Justin Mannina previously served as a Project Manager for a large, top-five construction company. His team was comprised of managers who utilized new technologies, such as automated grade control; 4D modeling; telematics; field mobility; and more. Having each manager take ownership of a specific initiative is what made adoption successful on the DFW Connector project.

The results? Millions in project costs savings.

Click here to read the whitepaper on this project.

Your projects have the potential to reach results like this, too.

Digitization is happening in our industry – but, the bad news is that it’s not in all areas. We still live in a world of manual processes: re-keying data, signing documentation in the field, giving invoices to the accounting department and waiting forever for reconciliation, etc. The result is a lot of paper, handoffs, and data re-keyed.

The digital tools that are most common today support a one-to-many relationship. A collaborative platform supports a many-to-many relationship, and Command Alkon’s vision is to digitize and connect the entire construction materials supply chain using the many-to-many approach.

CONNEX – The Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction’s Heavy Work is comprised of the tools needed to digitally collaborate, streamline, and automate business processes across the supply chain. 

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