Optimized Driven Efficiency Changes: A Proven Approach

October 25, 2017 Command Alkon

Southwest Airlines and Leaders in Many Industries Solve Complex Challenges with Optimization Solutions

Anyone who has worked in or even visited a ready mix dispatch office can quickly appreciate the logistical challenges and decisions made each and every minute of the day by concrete dispatchers.  An easy comparison is that of the airline industry, juggling a vast array of scheduling requirements, customer needs, weather and traffic constraints, and both tasked with delivering “precious cargo” to their desired destinations.

Take a look at this short excerpt and video about Southwest Airlines, “Optimal Decisions in the Midst of Constant Change”.  Sound familiar to you ready mix producers, as well as all the players in the Heavy Building Materials Ecosystem?

Now consider an optimization solution built specifically for making optimal decisions in a ready mix dispatch setting.  Enter Command Alkon’s Dispatch Optimization Solution. Contact us now to see if your operations are a candidate for this next level of dispatch decision making.

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