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January 10, 2019 Karli Langner

BuildIt is an electronic ticket management system that allows contractors, haulers and suppliers to interact and work together by streamlining their order-through-goods acceptance processes. This next-gen solution equips users to order, receive, and account for materials being delivered to the job site, all on a centralized platform that integrates with virtually any ticketing software.

In North America alone, roughly 250 million tickets are handled each year by the heavy building materials industry. These tickets are often in multi-part forms that are manually key punched into other systems. The industry is beginning to realize that we need to modernize and transform to digital formats for better communication, collaboration, and information exchange across all trading partners within the supply chain. Digitization generates more timely and accurate data, enabling faster, more intelligent business decisions.

BuildIt can eliminate dependence on paper tickets that are often illegible and easily misplaced and addresses the challenges that current methods for tracking materials and truck assets create. Each electronic transaction ensures that both parties are viewing the same data, providing one version of the truth for every user.

Buyers can more efficiently reconcile accepted goods and services against invoices, permitting quicker payment to suppliers and quicker month-end closings. BuildIt integrates seamlessly with Command Alkon’s TrackIt GPS and telematics solution. Using TrackIt in conjunction with the new program permits real-time tracking of on-site third-party trucks and supplier deliveries, allowing parties to know where their assets are at all times.

Build it transforms operations by:

• Bringing ticketing information to life by tracking materials entering a jobsite to streamline the

real-time delivery process.

• Integrating the buying, receiving and accounting for materials to simplify the procure to pay process and speed reconciliation.

• Offering real-time visibility of material quantities and job expenses.

• Proactively providing customers with shipping status and expected delivery times for improved service.

It’s been documented that paper tickets can cost some purchasers up to $5.00 each to process for payment. BuildIt allows users to drastically reduce that cost. When a company processes hundreds to thousands of tickets in a month, savings can be significant, adding to bottom line profits.

Will you be onsite on World of Concrete in Las Vegas? Stop by Command Alkon's Booth N1336 to see BuildIt in action. Don't forget to vote for this state-of-the-art solution for Concrete Construction's Most Innovative Product in the Business & Technology Category.

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