Is Your Decision Making in a Slump?

October 27, 2017 Command Alkon

Take a Simple Assessment for Suggestions on How to Pump up Your Strategic and Operational Decision Making

The Concrete Producer recently shared an article by Ryan Brown, the founding consultant at Next Level Essentials LLC., a profit improvement practice for the construction materials industry.  In his article, Ryan offers a simple 10 question evaluation to help you determine one of two paths to take in improving your logistics and supply chain decision making.  Ryan shares a few key facts that will resonate with all ready mix producers –

  • “One common denominator that doesn’t get enough attention is the ability to make daily complex decisions faster and more accurately than competitors.”
  • “The concrete and cement industries are particularly sensitive to asset utilization and opportunity costs. Having the right operational strategy means speed, reliability, scalability and efficiency.”
  • “Companies with dynamic operations where pennies saved per transaction amount to millions in a year can’t afford to lean on the traditional judgment levers of conventional wisdom, hunches, and reduced headcount to stay competitive.”

These three points play directly into consideration when recommending Dispatch Optimization as a means to bolster asset utilization, operational efficiency, and profitability at ready mix sites.  Our Dispatch Optimization team can help you evaluate ways in which you can take your decision making out of a slump and ensure all your dispatch decisions are made based on maximizing utilization of your assets and delivering satisfaction to your customers.  Contact us to learn more.

Read the complete article by Ryan Brown.

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