Iowa DOT Fosters Effective Decision-Making Through Efficient Data Sharing

November 20, 2019 Command Alkon

Historically, much of the data created from construction projects has been unstructured and siloed. However, advances in information management can facilitate data sharing, which can resolve many early life and project production complexity issues.

What’s data sharing? The ability to share the same data resource with multiple applications or users.

It heavily contributes to the automation of all the workflow steps that are involved on a jobsite. Anything that touches multiple people (think *pesky paper tickets*), that can be automated so that so many hands aren’t involved.

But, it’s not just about the data that's found on a ticket – it’s how you can leverage that data. Right now, data is the most valuable asset in the world, surpassing the value level of oil. What ways can capitalizing on data pose an advantage in the Construction industry?

The Iowa DOT is at the forefront of many eConstruction initiatives that foster data sharing. Let’s hear from Cedric Wilkinson, Senior Engineer Technician at the Iowa DOT, about the ways that the data sharing capabilities of CONNEX Jobsite are changing the heavy work space as we know it.

Benefits of Data Sharing:

Transparency – everyone on a project – from suppliers, to contractors, to inspectors, and everywhere in-between – can see ticket information live from their iPhone, iPad, or web portal. Suppliers are able to streamline their data, and the DOTs can see batch tickets from the materials in real-time.

Proactively solve issues – the environment of a jobsite is jam packed with constantly changing conditions. There are many aspects of a project to manage that it is just not physically possible. A solution that allows you to manage the exceptions/out of tolerance situations is vital to success. For example, with CONNEX Jobsite, all participants on a jobsite can login and see the batch weights, test data, and location times of a batch of concrete. Having the information available to all parties can be helpful in solving issues on a pour immediately and enable better decision-making.

Get rid of duplication of the effort of work – think of all the manual processes involved with paper tickets. Take a ticket, scribble (usually undecipherable) information on the ticket, take it back to the office, rip the data from the ticket and upload it electronically in an excel format…it’s tedious, and is it really necessary? How many hours could be saved by getting rid of the duplication of effort of work?

Standardization and ease of having everyone on board – most people already use an iPhone and understand the app style. Because of this, training can be super simple, with as little as a half hour of training before a team can be up and running with the new solution. The app is very user-friendly, and information is streamlined right away. No more chasing down information – it’s available in the palm of your hand!

Let’s talk CONNEX – The Supplier Collaboration for Construction’s Heavy Work. This platform is THE tool for data sharing. Being CONNEX connected eliminates siloes and boosts productivity through automation and connectivity. Want to start a conversation about how you can get connected? Click here.

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