How to Keep Your Centuries’-old Quarry Running at Peak Operational Performance

August 28, 2017 Command Alkon

Oklahoma-based Dolese Bros. Co. Recognized for 115 Years of Aggregate Mining

Command Alkon customer Dolese Bros. Co. and their century-old quarry, Richards Spur, were recently recognized in Aggregates Manager magazine for 115 years of aggregate mining.  Command Alkon’s Apex automation products for aggregate operations help to keep this more than a two-thousand-acre site, with a sizeable deposit of high-quality limestone, running at peak operational performance.  Click the link below to read the article.

Apex automation relies on simple, but reliable process improvements that make a profound impact on site productivity, efficiency and flexibility.  Apex automation sites gain better control of traffic flow, driver communications, site safety, as well as scale ticketing and asphalt batching processes.  For more information on our Apex products for bulk materials producers please visit our page at

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