Get What You Expect By Keeping Up With Jobsite Yield

June 24, 2020 Command Alkon

When it comes to making sure your concrete is delivered just the way you ordered it, you'll need to know your jobsite yield measurement number. According to this article from Concrete Construction, this number measures the volume in cubic feet of concrete you receive using a simple calculation: batch weight/density.

Another critical number to know? Relative yield. This number determines whether a load of concrete will fill a specific volume in your forms or slabs.

You can convert your jobsite yield number to relative yield by calculating your total volume of concrete received divided by the volume the producer intended to provide.

If you find relative yield is 1.00, then these two numbers—jobsite yield and relative yield--are the same.  (For example, since there are 27 cubic feet in 1 cubic yard if your relative yield is 27.00, you received the volume the producer claimed was shipped and delivered.)

However, if relative yield is more than 27.00, you've received more concrete, a sign the air content is higher than you’ve specified. It’s good to keep in mind that a 1% change in air content changes the relative yield by 0.27 cubic feet/cubic yard. If relative yield is lower than 27.00, the air content might be too low for your needs.

How contractors can bypass jobsite yield problems

You may be wondering: Am I receiving the concrete product I’ve been promised and am counting on to complete my job on time and within budget?

Rather than struggling with concrete sampling and calculations to help you stay on top of your jobsite yield results, it may make sense to explore processes shared amongst all parties on the job. With digital ticket data flowing seamlessly from suppliers to contractors and owners, the jobsite—and your jobsite yields--stay in sync. Products like CONNEX Jobsite solutions:

  • Provide digital tickets that tell you what jobsite yield you are receiving; if there is a discrepancy, you can find out what happened using the ticket data.
  • Enable you to browse orders scheduled for the day and future orders for future days.
  • Help you monitor real-time truck locations and load-level summaries of completed and future orders.
  • Receive notifications when a load is on the way, view records of load status times, and automatically match incoming delivery tickets with hauler pay sheets and invoices

Keep close tabs on your jobsite yield with the cloud-based connectivity in CONNEX Jobsite solutions. CONNEX Jobsite keeps job cost tracking, material order and delivery management, traceability of critical path materials, and material quality assurance information all in one centralized location. ​

You'll have the information you need daily to track job costs and make adjustments before it is too late. An added benefit: It’s easy to ensure material delivery via mobile devices and tablets or back in the office, putting an end to loads paid for but not delivered.

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