Get on Board or Get Left Behind

June 15, 2018 Karli Langner

A trend that I have noticed in the heavy building materials community is that industry players seem to be aware of the challenges that they face; they know what solution could combat those challenges, yet still, they are reluctant to take the steps to solve their problems.

Despite different technologies proving an increase in productivity on the job site, construction remains slow to adopt these solutions. Many field workers face significant pushback over the cost of implementation.

With construction having low profit margins, there is not a lot of revenue to invest in new technologies. Construction professionals are grappling with how to pay for new technology while also explaining to chief information officers and those who approve the budgets how these products are improving job-site performance.

This article highlights a conversation that took place at he PlanGrid Construction Summit in San Francisco and explains  the importance of adopting job-site technologies to increase productivity.

Rober Kipp, Satterfield & Pontikes Construction General Superintendent and PlanGrid attendee, stated, “if technology benefits everybody at the site, it’s going to benefit your end user; it’s going to benefit the owner and you’re going to have a better collaborative environment; it’s also going to take care of your staff. The people we have are the most important thing we have so why not make it easier for them to do their jobs?”

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