Embrace Transparency to Improve Compliance in Fleet Management

August 13, 2018 Karli Langner

Communicate, and Employees Will Appreciate

Truck tracking and telematics helps to gain valuable insight into your fleet and generates a speedy and ongoing ROI. It’s a significant investment, not only dollars, but in the time that it takes to get employees on board with a new process of doing things. To avoid negativity from your employees, make sure you communicate before and during the implementation process.

Truck drivers will be the ones that use the technology the most. They will certainly have questions about how truck tracking and telematics devices work and what they’ll be used for. Failure to be completely transparent during implementation can lead to compliance issues and morale problems.

Instead of leaving employees in the dark, communicate with them before questions are ever asked. Let them know that the company is making the investment, what the reason for the adoption of truck tracking and telematics is, and what results you hope to gain. Be up-front and honest, and let employees know the positive impact that it can have on them. Drivers are far more likely to embrace the system if fleet managers emphasize what they can gain from the implementation.

Define Goals and Set Expectations

Businesses should establish clear company policies so that employees understand how GPS tracking will be used to measure their performance. Then they can explain that the data collected from the system will be used as a training tool to reduce costs, improve driving habits, and increase driver safety.

Drivers and other front-line employees oftentimes consider cost reductions and productivity improvements as the sole responsibility of management. In reality, operating a more efficient fleet is everyone’s job. When employees buy into this concept, you can achieve dramatic improvements in virtually every area of the fleet.

Continue communication with employees even after the implementation process. Managers should communicate goals for improvement, then thoroughly train employees on achieving them — and most importantly, reward them when they do.

Reward Employees Who Help You Achieve Those Goals

TrackIt, Command Alkon’s solution for fleet management, helps you to monitor the habits of your drivers and the performance of your vehicles to improve safety and increase fuel economy.

If TrackIt shows the fleet manager that there is a speeding problem, then the fleet manager should communicate clear policies regarding acceptable speed limits, and set up a process to reward those drivers who comply with the policies.

In cases where excessive idling is driving up fuel and maintenance costs, setting specific goals for reducing idling, monitoring results by vehicle, and rewarding those drivers who meet or exceed the goals will be beneficial.

As you continue to reward drivers, they will continue to work with you to achieve fleet goals.

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