Do You Leave Money on the Table? How to Combat Unbilled Jobsite Activity

March 2, 2020 Command Alkon

With so much going on at a busy construction site, there may be activities that go unbilled, which can affect your bottom line.

If you leave money on the table, how can you recoup those dollars? Unbilled activity occurs within various activities associated with the job site, such as truck rentals, freight charges, materials purchases, labor, and more.

For example, third party haulers are often used to deliver materials to the job site. Many times, companies receive an invoice for the hauler and pay the bill, but forget to invoice the contractor or construction client. This can leave thousands of dollars on the table.

With CONNEX from Command Alkon, you could receive the bill directly from the hauler company and in turn, invoice your client without having to remember to do it.

Freight bills can be very complex and often fraught with mistakes.

Changing fuel surcharges, accessorials, discounts, etc. add mistakes to freight invoices. There are so many different accessorial and detention charges that can be added, it is hard to know which are right, and which aren’t, including:

  • Did the truck take too long to make a delivery or pickup in the yard?
  • Was your truck charged for using a lift-gate when it didn’t use one?
  • Was no one available to receive the delivery and the shipment had to be redelivered?
  • Did the truck miss its delivery slot?
  • Were you charged a fee for having to notify the job site of your deliver?
  • Did you have to hire other people to help unload the truck?
  • Was the fuel surcharge correct?
  • Was the delivery made after-hours?
  • Were you charged divergent miles for having to move to different locations on the job site?
  • Did you get charged for detention time when it wasn’t your fault that the truck was delayed?
  • And on and on.

Some jobs cost more to build than originally thought because material costs went up or more labor was required or many other reasons.

Often, in the construction business, materials suppliers, such as aggregate and concrete companies, don’t send a bill until the work is completely done. This can take quite a while, which means that your client may not even understand what they are getting a bill for.

Electronic ticketing management systems allow contractors, haulers, and suppliers to streamline their order-through-goods acceptance processes and helps to speed the order to cash process. Anything that can improve cash flow and putting money in your pocket quicker is a win! Want to learn more?

Schedule a chat with one of our reps to learn how your organizations can benefit from automated ticket entry with CONNEX Jobsite.

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