Command Alkon Showcases CONNEX Jobsite at Kiewit South Central District Meeting and EXPO

December 11, 2018 Karli Langner

Kiewit Corporation is an employee-owned Fortune 500 contractor based in Omaha, Nebraska. It is one of the largest construction and engineering organizations in North America. Kiewit Corporation is subdivided into regional companies and divisions and further subdivided into geographical districts.

Last week, Kiewit hosted their South Central District Meeting & EXPO in Fort Worth, Texas. The event was the perfect environment for networking and knowledge sharing, and to discover breakthrough trends and technological innovations in products, applications, and equipment. Exhibitors were invited to showcase their latest innovations.

CONNEX Jobsite's (formally BuildIt) online platform allows trading partners to be digitally connected, eliminating silos. All parties involved in the supply chain connect and collaborate to meet customer service expectations, increase efficiencies, and improve productivity. The solution is a connected, coordinated information ecosystem that delivers maximum flexibility, visibility, and transparency.

Lack of visibility in the supply chain and limited communication capabilities can create inefficiency and waste. Collaborating with suppliers can limit the number of financial, business, and reputational risks. In today’s fast-moving, global marketplace, your supply chain depends on that seamless flow of information. CONNEX Jobsite promotes greater relationships and better communication and allows you to easily complete business transactions, run reports, automate tasks, regain inefficiencies and eliminate wasted time. Not to mention, a digitized platform means no more chasing paper!

Having information in one place – rather than across multiple paper tickers – will help you to better track materials and truck assets. With digitization, real-time, accurate data will enable faster, more intelligent business decisions.

The solution has already been used on 100+ projects, with more than 100 suppliers connected and over 13 million tickets tracked. More added functionalities, such as mobile applications, are making it easier to ensure projects are on track while on-the-go. One version of the truth for all parties transforms the way that trading partners work with one another and helps projects to be completed on time and within budget. Think of all the benefits of having a connected, unstoppable team – our communities will be enhanced with new infrastructure, and the rate that it’s able to be built will only multiply in the years to come.

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