Command Alkon’s CONNEX Platform Has Been Added to TDOT’s Approved Vendor List

April 20, 2021 Press Releases

CONNEX Named Approved Vendor After Meeting All Requirements for the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) Special Provision 109ETAS

Birmingham, AL – April 20, 2021 – Command Alkon, the provider of the leading supplier collaboration platform for construction’s heavy work, is proud to announce that the CONNEX Platform has been named one of Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) Qualified E-Ticketing Software Products by the TDOT E-Ticketing Committee after meeting all of the automated delivery requirements outlined in its Special Provision 109ETAS.

The cloud-based CONNEX Platform enables heavy material suppliers and haulers to share material and haul tickets electronically from point of sale system with materials buyers, General Contractors as well as Project Owners, removing the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of traditional paper-based processes. 

A leading share of heavy building materials in North America are produced, dispatched, ticketed, hauled, and tracked using Command Alkon solutions, putting Command Alkon in a unique position to rapidly scale an eTicketing solution for the construction materials industry amidst new mandates and regulations introduced during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year, Command Alkon offered CONNEX eTicketing and Electronic Proof of Delivery for free to all of their customers – materials suppliers, haulers and buyers. The offering enabled construction supply chain players to remove hand-to-hand exchanges of paper tickets between personnel and kept drivers in the cab of their vehicle, helping to safely ensure the continued delivery and acceptance of heavy materials to construction projects.

“After years of inefficiencies plagued by manual paper ticket processes, the coronavirus pandemic expedited the move to digital workflows while construction players had to figure out how to conduct business safely,” said Suzie Holycross, Business Development Manager, DOT, at Command Alkon. “As we dig ourselves out of the trenches caused by the pandemic, we are pleased to see that Tennessee is welcoming electronic ticketing permanently and hope to see the trend continue to other states.”

In addition to eTicketing and Electronic Proof of Delivery the CONNEX Platform empowers construction materials supply chain participants to automate invoice reconciliation processes and AP workflows, integrate data to other third party technology solutions, and provides a business intelligence layer that delivers insights into operational performance of plants and quarries, fleet health and safety dashboards, and project material and haul cost insights.  For more information, visit

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