Cloud-Based Tech at Kiewit’s Innovation Expo

March 6, 2019 Karli Langner

Command Alkon was pleased to participate at Kiewit’s Innovation Expo in Omaha, Nebraska yesterday.

Our team focused their exhibit on BuildIt, a cloud-based environment where information that is historically shared via phone calls, emails, and paper can be digitally communicated between jobsite participants. From ordering, to tracking and receiving materials, to reconciling for those materials, BuildIt takes the information found on paper copy tickets and captures it digitally so that you can see the ticket data in real-time, throughout the entire life cycle of that ticket.  

The next wave of intelligent, innovative technologies that build onto the cloud is emerging. Combined with intelligent technologies and digital business services, cloud computing can catapult companies into a new dimension of competitiveness. Look out for these top three trends in cloud computing for the future:

Mainstream Adoption

While cloud computing is certainly innovative, it has outgrown its classification as an emerging technology. In 2019, as a technology in the ‘slope of enlightenment’ phase, cloud computing is broadly understood across industries and geographies and is heading towards mainstream adoption next. While cloud computing’s growth varies by region, the key growth driver remains the same across geographies and industries: the need for digital transformation.

Enhanced Customer Experience Like Never Before

The next frontier for cloud computing will be the creation of a new level of customer experience. Companies will apply intelligent technologies in conjunction with the cloud to upgrade their experience management for customers. Combined with IoT, analytics, machine learning and AI, cloud computing cannot only change the way organizations operate, it can also innovate the way customers interact with companies, and vice versa.

Continuous Innovation As A Service

In a world that can change in the speed of a Tweet, it is not enough to tackle current market changes with innovation. Companies need to prepare for the future and transform themselves into an intelligent enterprise that can thrive on change. Remaining one step ahead of the competition is a key characteristic of an intelligent enterprise. Early adopters of the next generation of cloud technology and services will be today’s and tomorrow’s winners.

Questions about BuildIt? Check out to get the skinny!

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