Accountability: It’s All in the Numbers

November 28, 2017 Command Alkon

Clear Expectations, Capabilities, Measurements and Feedback

At our recent ELEVATE 2017 conference, Business Consultant and Ready Mix Operations Expert, Rick Singh, offered his insights into the strategies and solutions that empower your employees to be accountable for business outcomes and success in your organization.

What does accountability really mean?  Websters (1984) simply defines accountability as being responsible or answerable.  Canadian Oxford (2004) of course leans the definition towards being required to account for one’s conduct.  A more modern day definition is  “a personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results – to See It, Own It, Solve It, and Do It.”  This is the type of accountability all Heavy Building Materials owners and operational managers want to see within their organizations today.

So how do you go about setting the expectation of accountability as well as providing capabilities, measurements, and feedback to your employees that empowers them to see it, own it, solve it, and do it?  Click here to see a portion of Rick’s presentation from ELEVATE.  Email now if you are interested in viewing the full slide deck or evaluating where your operations currently are on the path to real accountability.

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